Analysis, Integration and Design, Inc. (AIDI) is pleased to join NAVSEA’s SEAPORT-e Team.
Incorporated in 2005, Analysis, Integration and Design, Inc. (AIDI) was formed with the vision of addressing engineering service requirements in the automated test domain. The AIDI team has extensive experience in the areas of test systems, test applications and surrounding technologies. The AIDI technical team also has verifiable experience in partnering with Department of Defense (DoD) services, major defense contractors, components suppliers and fabricators, and commercial suppliers and vendors in a wide array of technical roles including leadership roles. This proposal provides AIDI’s capabilities and the professional services that AIDI offers in specific Seaport-e functional areas.
AIDI currently provides DOD services and contracting partners, both DOD and Commercial, outstanding technical and engineering support services for any current and/or future war fighter capability.  AIDI personnel are proficient in developing and implementing program plans, milestone schedules, cost projections, and related technical, programmatic, process and management products.
AIDI has developers skilled in many development environments, simulations, programming languages and data definition languages. These development environments include but are not limited to AIDI ConVEx, MS Visual Studio, NI LabWindows, NI LabView, NI TestStand, PAWS, Teradyne Test Studio, and VIPER/T ENVIRONMENT’s OSS. The simulators include but are not limited to AIDI WinStimTM, Teradyne LASAR, ModelSim, Mentor Graphics tools, VHDL, PSpice, and GenRad HiLo.
AIDI has unsurpassed technical capabilities in the areas of:

  • Automatic Test Systems (ATS)         
  • Simulation Systems 
  • Communication Systems
  • Interface Test Adapter (ITA) Design
  • Test Program Enhancement/Rehost  
  • Test Program Development  
  • Software/Hardware Integration          
  • Complete Integration and Verification
  • Systems Self-Test Procedure and Calibration Procedure Production
  • Documentation